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in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> oakland city auditor says two councilmembers broke the law, and aapproximate busessed their power by abusing city contracts. the auditor shows more than a dozen violations. among other things, it accuses them of icing their power to influential the bidding process for the $2 million cleanup at the former oakland army base. >> the law was broken here. so the report, it was not done out in the open. there was undue influential. >> reporter: the auditor says oakland city charter is clear. councilmembers can only set policy and funds. both brooks and reid deny wrongdoing. we have discovered councilmember larry reid is the center of a second investigation. eric rasmussen obtained a report of a private investigator who looked into the issue. >> reporter: urban recycling solutions incorporated had a good deal on the side of the old oakland army base on berma road. civil engineer told us his business partner, and owner of urban recycling paid a long time activist, darrell kerry $1,000 a week to get the city of oakland's cooperation. >> what t
say harris shot oakland rapper kenneth cherry jr. while cherry was driving his masarotti on the vegas strip. he crashed into a taxi killing cherry, the taxi driver and a man in the cab. harris is a self-described pimp. he is expected to be arraigned next tuesday. >>> officials announced this afternoon when and where a public memorial will take place for the two detectives killed this week on the line of duty. maureen naylor is live with the details on that and new information about the shooting that was revealed today, maureen. >> reporter: here at the blue lagoon bar a fundraiser is just starting to raise money for the fallen officers families. meanwhile the memorial will take place to remember those detectives. the memorial set for next thursday will take here at the kaiser permanente arena. thousands of law enforcement and community members are expected to honor the two officers gunned down on the line of duty on tuesday. >> we have a tough week ahead of us. the lain detectives were shot by the suspect after two minutes of interviewing him through the door. >> he ambushed, taking
oakland where volunteers mapped out strategy tonight. >> reporter: frank, for the very first time since she was reported missing four days ago we are learning about a sighting and the news brings hope to her friends, many of whom met here tonight at her church. >> help us, find erica. >> reporter: those close to erica, are relying on each other and their faith as another day passes without any word, from the 31-year-old oakland woman. >> no matter what it is god just give us a sign, that she is okay. >> reporter: today, a possible sign, police say after she was reported missing thursday, she was seen in west oakland in good condition and investigators believe she left on her own but wouldn't provide any other information. >> huge relief. i hope it is true. >> reporter: amber is a close friend and has been leading daily searches. >> we are hoping to get the word out. >> reporter: including one this morning at the bart station it is not far from her home or where she was spotted on surveillance camera. footage from a bakery, 34th and telegraph shows her wearing running clothes on her dail
on schedule. we'll come in and see some yellow in the oakland hills. we'll come in in the north bay and we're looking at rainfall around napa it's pretty heavy right now and the american canyon area by 29. if you head out towards vallejo and martinez. these yellows that's significant rainfall. it's coming down hard and you're having a rough time seeing when you're driving. check out berkeley and oakland. steady rain here with the greens. we are seeing really heavy stuff coming in over the hills right now. as a matter of fact let's put this many motion and we get a feel for the motion of the showers. they're moving off very rapidly out toward the west there. let's take another peek and we'll come in closer. out by 82, sunny vale and santa clara coming down hard. there's more behind it. how is that morning commute going to go and what about those thunderstorms? we'll be back here in 10 minutes with all the details. >>> stale with the 10:00 news as bill mentioned he'll be back at 10:20 with how this storm will affect you tomorrow. and the complete bay area forecast including when the next ro
died the next day. >>> the man being counted on to turn around oakland's escalating crime rate made his first public appearance this afternoon. oakland is paying for william bratton to make the city safer. ken wayne is live with what bratton plans to do. >> reporter: we should know within a few weeks whether or not this new crime fighting strategy is going to work. for some oakland residents, it's already too late. he was robbed at gunpoint last week. >> how much money? >> about 200, and credit cards, everything. >> reporter: enter the man expected to turn things around. >> my image of oakland was not a good one, quiet frankly. >> reporter: hire today provide expertise, and solutions. >> oakland has the opportunity to move to the forefront of american policing, and its use of technology. >> reporter: they'll recommend the use of statistical analysis, license plate scanning, predictive policing, and stop and frisk. >> there's not a police department in america that's going to be effective without it. >> we are addressing people with a laser focus, these are people that have been identifi
interview. it took jurors just one day to find george huggins of oakland guilty of murder. united kingdom honk -- jinghong kang was in the area for a job interview with google. >>> extra eyes were on hand to keep an eye out about a meeting about affordable housing in the north bay. continuing coverage now. patty lee joins us live in san rafael, where attendees of that meeting were greeted by protesters. >> reporter: this flyer shows why there is security on hand. even though the issue is affordable housing, what came up tonight were accusations including racism, and classism. dozens of protesters gathered to boycott a town hall meeting, organized by a group called citizen marin. it's an organization that wants decisions about affordable housing in marin to be made by homeowners, because they have the most at stake. protesters tonight called that racist, classist, and nimbist. state requires marin county to build affordable housing to address community growth. much is being revealed. >> it touches on some of the larger issues around. are we a welcoming community around race, around class,
together. >> reporter: collin and his brother will go to children's hospital in oakland for testing and will have a transplant by mid-april. reporting live at sfo tonight, jana katsuyama. >>> the northeast is buzzing tonight with reports of a large meteor streaking across the sky. this comes from a security camera at a car dealer in salisbury maryland about 8:00 p.m. eastern time. sightings were reported from south carolina to kentucky. nasa says it appears it was a single meteor event but hasn't been confirmed as of yesterday. >>> firefighters say they found a bedroom filled with marijuana plants. the fire started near lake merit on tyler and 17th street. fire officials say in addition to the pot plants they found a large bank of batteries in the attic. officials say they weren't sure if the batteries were part of the marijuana grow. >>> an investigation is under way in hayward after five middle school students became ill. ill from possibly eating drug laced brownnies they got in school. we spoke to one man who had to rush his sister to the hospital. >> reporter: as kids walked ou
channel 2 news. >>> new police academy grads hit the streets of oakland another class of hopefuls is stepping into the classroom. today 51 recruits i wanterred for their first class -- entered for their first class they hope to join the officers already on the force of oakland police department. >> i grew up in oakland, went to school in oakland, have family in oakland and i just want to give back to my community. >> with hard work and dedication these officers in training will graduate and hit the streets in 6 months. >>> a single roll over accident in eastern contra costa county left a driver and his passenger dead. a passer by who desperately tried to rescue that pair. >> reporter: it is a two lain highway in the shadow of mount diablo. this stretch of state route 4 was the site of a fatal accident this morning. just before 10:00 a.m. a male driver in a toyota four runner and his female passenger ended up trapped upside down in 4 feet of water. >> the vehicle drifted off the shoulder to the right, crossed through the right shoulder area down into a drainage canal. >> reporter:
things inside the jeep just before the car and baby disappeared. >>> okay -- oakland police want your help for a possible child predator. the man walked into the front of the home and tried to abduct a 9-year-old girl. the man fled in a silver honda. >>> an 8-year-old girl is recovering tonight after surgeons removed an arrow from her leg. someone shot her during a class field trip to berkeley's lawrence hall of science. campus police think the arrow was shot from the neighborhood just north of the complex. the girl was hit just after 10:00 a.m. while playing outside at a whale replica. >> it was an arrow, it was a regular arrow. not a toy, a regular arrow. it was stuck on her leg. it wasn't poking out one side it was just in and stuck in there. >> reporter: investigators are trying to reconstruct the arrows trajectory. it's possible it came from a cross bow. police are canvassing the area to find out if anybody saw anything. >>> we want to show you a live picture of the bridge. you can see the new signature tower in the center of your screen. caltranss tells us 31 giant volts have cr
. >>> a girl was grazed by flying debris in a shooting in east oakland. it was on international boulevard shortly before 5:00 this afternoon. the girl was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. we talked to the girl's grandmother who said her granddaughter was playing outside with a friend when she was hit by the debris. i want to show you cell phone video of the young girl being treated by paramedics. >> just an innocent bystander, and something like this happens. you see it all the time, but when it comes to you personally, it's a great impact. >> another person was shot and taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >> in richmond, the family of another child who was shot yesterday said the 1-year-old baby is recovering well. a stray bullet hit the child inside of an apartment. ktvu spoke with the boy's mother and brand father today about the moment it happened. >> reporter: richmond pa recorded the gunfire, 19 shots in less than 6 seconds. listen to what a 2-year-old boy named elijah survived, and then listen to how his mother describes the the moment. >> all i heard
. organizers say the event is for everyone to learn about and celebrate irish culture and history. >>> oakland police have a new strategy to combat crime. it involves dividing the city after five districts. and as ktvu's allie rasmus explains, the police are trying to combat crime. >> oakland has a very diverse community. >> reporter: under a new plan that starts this weekend oakland will be quited into five different police districts each district will have a captain. >> the captains will have the responsibility of targeting their area. it's really neighborhood policing, we're giving commanders a more manageable area with the direction of not only are you going to fight crime but you're going to strengthen the relationship we have with the community. >> i'm really excited about the fact that it's going to bring extra resources. >> reporter: councilman reid says opd has tried a similar strategy with success. >> they decided to based on our resources put the city into two areas now we're going back to the way it was. >> reporter: 40 year oakland resident robertson likes the idea of seeing the s
of tagging that cost $80,000 to clean up, he was also convicted in 2011. people in oakland say they have seen a huge increase in the amount of graffiti along the 880 corridor just south of downtown. the brand new bart connector has already been tagged in addition to highway ramps, businesses, homes and delivery trucks. >> gotten a little out of hand they are starting to spray paint the curbs now. anything we even made a joke the other day we saw an abandoned couch. >> oakland city councilman says there are plenty of anti vandalism laws on the books but a lack of enforcement and just two city crews to do all the clean up. >>> state officials voted to issue $8.6 billion in bonds for the high speed rail project it is to link northern and southern california with trains. they want to sell $2.5 billion of the bonds construction is set to begin on the first segment in central valley this summer. opponents of the high speed rail project filed a new lawsuit in an effort to stop construction. it argue it is agent is misleading voterthe project is misguided and unfeasible. they claim the project approv
procession. the service is set to begin at noon. >>> new at 10:00, we now know who will oversee the oakland police department. a federal judge has named thomas fraizer as the compliance director. he will begin march 12. fraizer is a former baltimore police commissioner and spent 28 years with san jose police. he will have broad authority in oakland and can even ask for the police chief to be fired. >>> and noelle walker joins us now. >> reporter: we've seen some picture taking and heard some oohs and aahs over this last dress rehearsal. tomorrow night it's show time. for most of us the bay bridge is transportation, engineering, utility. for artist leo villareal it's a canvas he's painting with the lights. >> i just wanted the bay bridge to shine in the nation's conscious one more time. >> reporter: practice sessions started in january, tonight the artist is hold up in a dark hotel room working on the finishing touches to turn thousands of lights into dancing art. >> if the tests are you know even a portion of what the real thing is going to be. it's going to be good. >> reporter: the insta
and protest. scott olsen who was critically injured in an occupy oakland spoke out against the war and his two tours of duty. >> eight of the marines in our battalion did not make it home. i did not see a liberated iraq. i saw an occupation. >> reporter: a field organizer with iraq veterans against the war says many of the veterans he works with struggle to get treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. >> we're pushing the government to overhaul the system and provide more case officers, more help. >> reporter: back in lafayette, people who live near this display are still reflecting on the war and its cost. >> i think the saddest part is the loss of life. >> reporter: according to the founder of this display the sign keeps tally of the more than 6700 u.s. troops who died in iraq and afghanistan. >>> newly revised numbers on california's job growth paint brighter picture than previously thought. the employment development department said 327,000 jobs were created in california last year. that's about 101,000 more than previously reported. the edd also says the state add 1700 new jobs in ja
and a stronger police presence, some of the changes that the first friday event in oakland's uptown neighborhood. let's hear more about the changes and a new emphasis on safety. >> reporter: it ended about an hour ago but venders have taken down the stands but there's plenty of people still in the area. >> reporter: this band kicked off tonight's live entertainment, people dancing, and glad that the city hasn't lost its rhythm. it's a family-oriented activity and extra security was hired. this boy was shot and killed following last month's first friday event. >> it's been marred by violence lately, and it's unfortunate. when you look at what the city is trying to do to change the image of oakland, you know, this is sort of our calling card. >> reporter: organizers say this event is important to the identity of the city and the culture. >> this is one thing we can do to help the area, and i want to the do more than just the first friday. >> reporter: there is no drinking in public and ending the event an hour earlier at 9:00. first friday covers seven blocks, three blocks less than previous m
's growing optimism about hiring. and stock in oakland's pandora media saw shares jump 19% in afterhours trading. pandora's ceo made an announce. joe kennedy said he is stepping down when a replacement is found. >>> i'll be tracking rain over the next 24 hours. >>> in 90 seconds, homeless at a south bay encampment have ♪ roundup ♪ i want a weed free season, that's how i roll ♪ ♪ so i reach for roundup extended control ♪ ♪ with the all-new, no pump, one-touch wand ♪ ♪ it kills weeds dead and keeps weeds gone ♪ [ whip cracks ] ♪ roundup extended control ♪ i just spray them weeds, then spray them cracks ♪ ♪ the weeds are gone, and they won't be back ♪ ♪ driveway, patio, i just spray once ♪ ♪ and it's adios weeds for up to four sweet months ♪ [ whip cracks ] ♪ roundup extended control [ male announcer ] roundup extended control ♪ yeha with the new one-touch wand. [ whip cracks ] >>> time is running out for occupants of a large homeless encampment in san jose. the 120 people now living there have been told to move by morning or be forced out. ktvu's pat
raise money for his family. reporting live in richmond, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> oakland police today released some frightening surveillance video of a robbery as it was happening. police say this armed robbery happened recently, you can hear the victim pleading for her life. officers have arrested two suspects in the case now. police say their numbers of this gang are growing. oakland police say officers took at least 16 members of a known gang into custody. and chief howard jordan called it the most violent group he's seen in 25 years of policing. he also said members are locked in a deadly feud with another gang. >> the motive was really wasn't your traditional motive. it wasn't for money, it wasn't for turf war it was basically they hated the other gang. >> officers say they served 30 warrants this morning making 28 arrests. >>> new numbers released today paint a much rosier pickture -- picture of the job market. maureen naylor is live with what's behind the boost and the impact already felt here in the bay area, maureen. >> reporter: julie for the story behind those
tonight about the arrests made during last week's crime sweep in oakland. police tell us they arrested 17 people as part of the violence reduction program known as operation cease-fire. police believe most were gang members. those arrested are between 18 and 35 years old. most face charges related to having or using a gun as well as conspiracy to commit a crime. >>> fire investigators in antioch are trying to determine the cause of a house fire later today. it happened at h, and 4th streets just before 5:30 this evening. firefighters arrived to find smoke and flames pouring out of the victorian home. they said the fire started in a rear bedroom. the sole resident wasn't there at the time of the home. damage is estimated at $200,000. >>> in solano county, investigators stopped fires burning along red top road in fairfield. there were no injuries reported. authorities did search a nearby hillside, but were not able to find a shirtless man who was reportedly seen holding a gas can right after the fire started. >>> musicians with the san francisco symphony are on strike today. they walked off
during the investigation. >>> developing news from east oakland tonight. police are investigating a double shooting on a busy corner of international boulevard. it happened about 90 minutes ago, just before 8:30, at 65th and international. police say two men were taken to the hospital. both are in stable condition. so far, we don't know about a motive. we did see officers canvassing the area for withins. they say they plan to check surveillance cameras for any additional evidence. the already high price tag of the new bay bridge is about to soar again after a safety inspection reviewed a major problem involving broken bolts. healther holements is live with the estimated cost of repairs, and what caltrain is saying about the opening of the bridge. >> reporter: ken, you can add 1 to $5 million to the cost of what is already the most expensive public works project in state history. officials have less than 6 months to try to fix this problem. take a look at the troubled issue discovered on the eastern span of the bridge. this is one of more than a dozen giant bolts that have snapped.
condition and may be released from the hospital in a day or two. reporting live here in oakland, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> now to palo alto where dozens of people joined the national day of action this evening with a call for tougher gun control laws. similar marchs were held across the country it's now been 100 days since the school massacre in newtown connecticut and efforts to expand background checks have stalled on capitol hill. >>> president obama's call on gun control as he stood with families who lost loved ones to gun violence. >>> the action had happened about 10:30 this morning on davis road. the truck caught fire, the highway patrol says the driver claimed he had been eating, choked on his food and passed out. the two people in that bmw were killed. >>> caltrans says it is working on a fix for those broken bolts or rods on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. we've been telling you how at least 31 of those massive bolts snapped after being tightened recently. today two engineering experts told us the bolts can be fixed but that it is going to be costly and difficul
's name. it does not specify a dollar amount. the oakland city attorney's office said it could not yet comment. >>> happening now some fiery celebrations under way to mark the persian new year. we shot these pictures in berkeley earlier this evening where several thousand people gathered to take part in the ancient tradition. this is the 14th year that the persian city is held in berkeley. the area has the largest orion community. and it's not just in berkeley where they're celebrating. mat keller is live with what he learned about the celebration. >> reporter: the afterparty is still going on here at the axus nightclub for the largest persian celebration here in the south bay. jumping through fire is one of the highlights of the persian new year celebrations. >> and what do you say when you jump. >> i say -- >> you ask that the goodness of the fire comes to you and the ills of last year stay with the fire. >> reporter: the fire festival brings the iranian community together a week before. >> it's a cultural celebration not religious of the first day of spring with dancing, food and fa
card and redeem them for just about anything. visit citi.com/thankyoucards to apply. >>> in oakland today a group of accomplished women was honored for contributions to the community. it was the fourth annual powerful women of the bay award and it was held at scott seafood restaurant at jack london square. there were seven nominees including channel and councilwoman rebecca capland. >>> fred is with us tonight. this is not a good time for men's college basketball in the bay area. >> i'm not sure if we have any luck for the ncaa tournament. as a matter of fact cal men's basketball team appeared to have things figure out they won seven straight games but then lost to stanford last week. tonight in vegas they went one and done in the tournament. cal the second seed in the town. cob hits the big three to given the bears the lead with 1.50 left. check out the washington huskies they can't believe it either. they thought they would be facing cal tomorrow but no. 79-69 is your final. the 20-11 bears must now sweat out selection sunday for that large bid to the big tournament. >>> tonight t
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